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Snack & Nut Packaging Machines

The Snack Industry is a keystone in the Plexpack portfolio of industries served. With over 50 years of experience, Plexpack can deliver top of the line packaging solutions for your snack food business. Whether it’s a nitrogen flush and seal machine for trail mix bags or a shrink tunnel for secondary packaging on containers of candy, Plexpack has the solution for you.

Essential Solutions for Long Shelf Life and Secure Transport

Plexpack provides industry leading solutions for the most important functions of snack, nuts and dried fruit packaging — shelf life, presentation and protection during transport. Light, moisture, oxygen and odors can cause snacks to lose crispness and flavor. Plexpack gas flush, vacuum bag sealers create high quality moisture-proof, oxygen-reduced packages that prolong shelf life. We offer a wide-range of solutions for attractive stand up pouches and bags to fit any budget and production requirement. We also offer a full line of Shrink Wrappers and Bundlers for creating multi-packs and secure packaging for transport and retail display.


Continuous Band Sealers


vacuum and gas flush bag sealer nozzles

Emplex VGF Series of continuous band vacuum and gas flush sealers set the standard for high speed bagging of food, medical, pharmaceutical and electronics applications that require optimum freshness and shelf life.

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Continuous Band Sealers


continuous band bag sealer

Standard Sealers deliver fast, precise, strong seals on bags and stand pouches for a wide range of products. Our signature line of continuous band sealers we have been building for 50 years feature innovative designs that promote simplicity of operation and maintenance. 

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Impulse Vacuum/Gas Flush Solutions 


vacuum and gas flush impulse sealer

VacPack Impulse Vacuum/Gas Flush Solutions create perfect modified atmosphere bags. Solutions come in tabletop and floor stand models. All models are washdown capable with stainless steel construction and powerful vacuum, gas flush features.

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Vacuum Packaging Pumpkin Seeds

Our VacPack VP2440 tabletop vacuum gas flush sealer employs multiple nozzles creating several modified atmosphere packages in one cycle.

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Continuous Vacuum Packaging of Beer Nuts

Emplex's MPS7503 continually vacuum, gas flush and seal packages of nuts to lock in freshness.

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Packaging Flexibility for Your Snack Products

No one wants to open a bag of chips to find they've gone stale or broken into bits. Plexpack's bag sealers for nuts, dried fruit and other snacks ensure your products are packaged hermetically to keep them fresh for as long as possible. 

Our dried fruit and nut packing applications also include secondary packaging for sweets and other treats, allowing you to sell family-sized bundles or multi-packs.

The faster you can pack and seal your snacks, the quicker they get to market. Our machines bag foods at high speeds, leading to a faster time to market while ensuring a prolonged shelf life.


Looking for more info about our snack and nut packaging machines? Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get.

What materials can our machines seal?

Our packaging machines work with any materials that can be heat-sealed, including sustainable materials! 

Can the machine accommodate different packaging sizes or styles as my product line expands?

Yes, our packaging machines work with a wide range of package sizes and types. We designed them with the ability to adjust to different bulk or retail bag sizes in mind.

Can the machine be integrated with other production processes or equipment I have or plan to acquire?

We created our packaging machines with modular designs. You can reconfigure, automate, and expand on your machine as your needs change. We're here to help you fully customize your sealing solution.

Need a Custom Nut Packaging Machine?


We work to find solutions that fit your needs. Not seeing the right solution? Try completing our Custom Solution questionnaire to get our recommendation based on your needs.