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Convenient, Cost-Effective Bundling of Bulk Paper and Flat Corrugate Products

Shrink Packaging is the most cost-effective solution for convenient handling and storage of bulk, flat corrugate and paper products. Quality shrink bundling also provides superior protection and reduced costs for shipping and bundling of bulk paper, periodicals, and flat corrugate. Plexpack customers worldwide depend on our proven bundling solutions for bulk paper, books, magazines, pizza boxes, and a wide range of different size and weight flat corrugate.

Convenient, Cost-Effective Bundling of Bulk Paper and Flat Corrugate Products

Full Enclosure Wrapping of Pizza Boxes

The Damark Instawrap is a favourite amongst corrugate producers. These systems are an automated Full Enclosure Systemare ideal for high volumes of heavy, bulky products that need protective shrink packaging. The Instawrap is a rugged, fast solution ideal for shrink-wrapping corrugate products. 


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Manual Shrinkwrap and Bundling Equipment


manual sleeve wrapper and bundler for creating multipacks of bottles containers and cans

Our Semi-Automatic or Manual Shrink Bundlers are ideal solutions for line packaging or as stand-alone units when floor space is limited. They efficiently shrink package supported bundles, randomly grouped items, or single products at moderate to low speeds.

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Automatic Full Enclosure Equipment


automatic bundler and shrink tunnel shrinkwrap system

Our Full Enclosure Systems are innovative continuous motion shrink packaging system that combine the best qualities of side sealers and sleeve wrappers to deliver cost-effective, highly efficient packaging for difficult to wrap products.

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Shrink Wrap & Bundling Solutions


automatic bundler and shrink tunnel

Our Fully Automatic Shrink Bundlers are available with right angle infeed for unsupported products that require collation or with inline continuous feed for supported products and high speed bundling.

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