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Plexpack Corporation is a leading manufacturer of standard and custom flexible packaging machinery solutions. We deliver high-quality, innovative solutions and certain results for customers worldwide. Our Emplex Bag & Pouch, Damark Shrinkwrap & Bundling Systems and VacPack Vacuum & Gas Flush Sealers provide industry-leading performance and flexibility. For nearly 50 years we have used modular designs to make our systems easy to install, maintain and expand. We work closely with our customers to manufacture solutions that meet their unique needs, products, and budget. Our systems are made to order to meet the highest standards—yours.

Our team is made of experienced, knowledgeable and diverse individuals that are experts in our field. With experience in an expansive number of applications, we bring unmatched expertise to every project. Using our combined history and knowledge we strive to find every customer the ideal solution based on their needs. We back our machines solutions with a qualified team and international network of partners, so you can be certain through its lifecycle your equipment is supported. 

Not sure what solution you need? Use our "Customize Your Solution" form to get our recommendation based on your specifications.