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Manual Plastic Sleeve Wrappers & Bundlers

Simple Efficiency.

Strong, Attractive Product Bundles and Multipacks

Damark manual wrappers and shrink wrap packaging solutions deliver cost-effective, beautifully wrapped product bundles and multipacks of a wide-range of supported products, including trays, cartons, bags, cans, bottles, and plastic containers. Damark manual or semi-automatic bundlers are ideal solutions for line packaging or as stand-alone units, when floor space is limited. They efficiently shrink package supported product bundles, randomly grouped items, or single products at moderate to low speeds. Optional product pusher kits are available that expand capabilities to package unsupported products.

Manual Plastic Sleeve Wrappers & Bundlers

Key Benefits

High Quality Shrink
High Quality Shrink
Simple Maintenance
Simple Maintenance

Package Wrap & Shrink Solutions

Package Wrap & Shrink Solutions


The Damark B Series of shrink bundlers, tray wrappers, and sleeve wrappers are semi-automatic models equipped with dead plate infeed tables, twin safety push-button controls, air operated sealing heads and automatic motorized product discharge conveyors. An operator pushes product across a dead plate and through the film. Once the package is in place the operator activates the packaging cycle by depressing two buttons. A popular optional feature is our manual product pusher kit, which allows you to wrap both supported and unsupported products.

Dimensions & Specifications
Sealing Width 34" (86.3 cm); 44" (111.76 cm) 
Max Product Width 20” (50.8 cm); 40" (101.6)
Max Product Height 16” (41 cm) 
 Construction Painted Steel
Machine Stand Choice of: Stainless Steel Locking Casters or Footpad
Product Loading Manual
Film Rollers

Large Capacity Film System



UL/CSA Approved

















Operations & Controller 
Power Requirement   120 V 12A 
Air Requirement 80 psi
Speed  Operator/Application Dependent 
Discharge Conveyor   Variable Speed

Digital Temperature Control 

Speed and Seal Adjustable


 Film Changeover Quick Change Film System 
 Cleaning  Standard Cleaning & Wipe Down




Manual Product Pusher Kit
 Broken Seal Alarm
Builds for Large Products
 Low Film Indicator











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