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Over the years, Plexpack has accumulated a large customer base, providing flexible solutions to a wide range of industries such as coffee, food, automotive and medical. See what our customers have to say below:


“So you would think we roast about, at that time, probably an average of 700 to 900 pounds of coffee a day. And that was all being hand bagged. So we’re a roast to order company. So what that means is we don’t roast the coffee until we received the order for the coffee. And then obviously we have a turnaround. We like to get those orders out within 24 to 48 hours. So what that means is everything has to be finished within the day. So anything that you roast that day has to be bagged before you can leave that day. So when we started here, we were hand bagging, like I said, 700 to 900 pounds a day. Since that time, we have actually added on three stores. Our wholesale accounts have grown, our internet accounts have grown. So production is obviously up to the point to where now we’re roasting probably an average of 1200 to 1500 pounds a day.”

Watch the full testimonial interview here to learn more about how we helped Klatch!

Jackie – Klatch Coffee

“It’s just been one of my best experiences buying it. And we’ve had great support from Richard.”

Watch the full testimonial interview here to learn more about how we helped Lark Ellen Farm!

Kelly – Lark Ellen Farm

“Alimentos Nutrion currently has an Emplex sealing machine, with more than 10 years of use and to this day it still seems brand new. The sealer is great in our production, and so it’s easy for me to recommend the sealer to anyone; yearly our production increases around 10%, and it continues to give us excellent results.”

Ing Jorge Luis Espinal R. COO — Alimentos Nutrion

“Plexpack has been our partner for over a decade. Reliable Equipment; fast and qualified service (when needed); parts are always in stock!”

Thomas Vohl – Canada Compound Corporation

“We have owned over the past 30 years, if not longer and still own several Emplex band sealers. These machines are simple, reliable, efficient, quiet and almost idiot proof. We use them to seal fresh curd cheese in a variety of sizes and thicknesses of polybags and laminate bags. They are simple and very user friendly. They require very little maintenance, and cleaning frequencies are minimal depending on the volume of bags and the type of product being sealed. Fresh cheese curd is not the cleanest or driest product to seal. I cannot recall ever having downtime caused by any of our machine breaking while in use. We have dropped our portable machines in the plant several times over the decades and despite the fact that these models have been out of production for over 25 years, we can always get them fixed. We purchased a new MPS6100-M machine in the fall of 2013 from Plexpack. We had a timely delivery, easy set-up and we were operational in less than an hour from uncrating. The customer service is second to none with rapid fulfillment of my orders and deliveries for consumables and the odd spare part. Plexpack is a simple, straightforward, down to earth company that understands our business needs. Keep up the good work! Thanks again, Bill.”

William Castle – La Fromagerie Victoria

“Well one operator liked using it more than he did talking about it. We would not be able to pack without it. Important part of our process is easy and efficient to heat up for short or long runs. Good machine for our size and flow of output.”

John Steeves – Dizolve

“It was a pleasure to work with you earlier this year. The sealing machine is working well.”

Tom – Coffee Express Co.

“Our Emplex band sealer makes sealing 5 times faster. It really improved the quality of the seal on the bag, too. […]

The Emplex and the Weight Right machines are high-quality equipment that do a great job for us here at ROOS ROAST“

Roos Roast. Ann Arbor, MI

“Our new Emplex sealer from Plexpack has nitrogen flush capacity giving us a real “in” with key accounts who need a longer shelf life. […] are helping us to keep our efficiencies where we need them to be as we grow in sales”


“Shrink-wrapping the artworks made sure the photos adhered to their backings and protected their surfaces at the same time. Everyone agreed that the shrink-wrapping made for a more finished look”


“The Plexpack VP2400 impulse sealer has been a great machine to work with. With Plexpacks phenomenal customer service & simple operation of the machine… we give 5 stars to Plexpack!”


“The DAMARK heat shrink tunnel model STB16 we received from Plexpack has increased our shrink wrap output exponentially since we started using it to shrinkwrap our bath bombs 2 weeks ago. We have been able to double, almost triple, our output on a daily basis, freeing up 2-3 people who had previously been shrinking individually by hand with heat guns. These people can now be focused on making more bath bombs to shrinkwrap, having an awesome effect on our productivity across the board! We could not be happier with this machine, and the quality of shrinkwrap is as good, if not better than when they are shrunk by hand. On day one of trialing the machine in-house we tested out different heat and speed settings but ultimately settled on the exact settings that were recommended to us by Plexpack, whose team spent a great deal of time and effort making sure we had exactly what we needed to be set up for success. Smooth, safe, efficient, and consistent. Thank you Plexpack!”

Jenna Defazio, Shrinkwrap Lead — Stewart Farms