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Bag Sealers & Shrink Wrap Machines For Fresh Food

Because not all food products and manufacturing operations are the same, Plexpack flexible packaging solutions are built to fit your unique package, budget, and production requirements. This means you get the best system for your needs today and tomorrow with an ROI and time to production that’s hard to beat. That’s why food manufacturers and packers around the world rely on Plexpack. The Plexpack team works closely with you to understand your food packing needs to ensure that you receive outstanding package quality, line performance and value. This means delivering high quality machinery that is efficient, fast, reliable and durable, but also hermetically sealed packages that stay fresh, look attractive, and maintain functionality.

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Solutions for Fresh Produce

Packaging for fresh produce must be optimized for shelf-life and high moisture content. Sealing must be hermetic, fast, and efficient to meet the high volume demands of consumers and retailers. In addition to traditional bagged products, shrink packaging is frequently used today to protect produce during transport and to prolong shelf life.



Continuous Band Sealers


Angled continuous band bag sealer

Semi-Automatic Sealers deliver high-speed sealing for horizontal and angled product handling applications. Sealing processes can be adjusted to accommodate variations in material, ensuring reliable seal integrity on every bag.

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Continuous Band Sealers


continuous band bag and pouch sealer

Standard Sealers deliver fast, precise, strong seals on bags and stand pouches for a wide range of products. Our signature line of continuous band sealers we have been building for 50 years feature innovative designs that promote simplicity of operation and maintenance. 

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Impulse Vacuum/Gas Flush Sealers

vacuum and gas flush impulse sealer

VacPack Impulse Vacuum/Gas Flush Solutions Create perfect modified atmosphere bags. Solutions come in tabletop and floor stand models. All models are washdown capable with stainless steel construction and powerful vacuum, gas flush features.

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Emplex Sealers


Our continuous band sealers deliver fast, precise, strong seals on bags and stand up pouches for a wide range of products. Used in a variety of production environments including cold, and sanitary our standard sealers are reliable continous band sealers that hermetically seal bags on any heat sealable material. 

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Semi-Automatic Band Sealers


Our semi-automatic series of continuous bag sealers are designed for operations that require high levels of efficiency. Offering the same benefits and designs of our classic tried and true equipment, with performance-enhancing upgrades.

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