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Flawless Bundles and Multi-Packs

Bottles, containers and cans come in all shapes, sizes and materials with all manner of unique packaging processes. Packaging equipment for these products needs to create secure bundles and multipacks while handling fragile products at high volumes and speeds.


Container Multi-Packs and Bundling – Comprehensive Bundling Solutions

 Our shrinkwrap and bundling equipment is designed to handle any product while creating strong and attractive multipacks and bundles for supported or unsupported products. The design of our equipment ranges from manual to fully automatic and includes intermittent or continuous motion models to meet your production needs whatever they may be. We prioritize simplicity in operation and maintenance of our machines and build them with flexibility and quick, simple changeover in mind. Damark Shrinkwrap and Bundling systems stand out in the industry for experience, performance, high return on investment and creating quality packages.

Proven Performance

Plexpack has been a leader in bundling and shrink packaging all types of bottles, containers and cans for more than 50 years. We support thousands of customers worldwide using our Damark Shrink Packaging and Bundling solutions to package their consumer and industrial products. Damark customers enjoy reduced packaging costs and improved product protection, tamper evidence, and branding. We work closely with you to provide solutions that fit your unique package, budget, and production requirements. This means you get the best system for your needs today and tomorrow with an exceptional ROI.

Shrink Packaging Solutions


lbar sealer shrink wrap system

Damark is one of the largest manufacturers of L-Bar Sealers in the world. L-Bar Sealers provide a cost- effective solution for tight, crisply wrapped packages and bundles of nearly any type of product, including irregular shaped or large, oversized items.

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Manual Shrinkwrap and Bundling Equipment

manual sleeve wrapper and bundler for creating multipacks of bottles containers and cans

Our Semi-Automatic or Manual Shrink Bundlers are ideal solutions for line packaging or as stand-alone units when floor space is limited. They efficiently shrink package supported bundles, randomly grouped items, or single products at moderate to low speeds.

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Damark Automated Bundlers & Wrappers provide reliably shrink-wrapped packages at high speeds. 

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Damark Semi Automatic Bundlers and Wrappers Provide the ideal solution to wrap supported and unsupported products at low cost. 


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