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Absolutely Automotive.

Efficient Protection, Bagging and Bundling for Automotive Parts & Accessories

Plexpack has extensive experience delivering packaging machinery solutions for a wide range of automotive parts, accessories, fluids, and care products. Protect your high value products from moisture and contaminants during transport. Securely bundle multiple products. Create cost efficient bagged products and attractive retail ready pouches.

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Shrink Wrap Solutions That Fit Your Automotive Needs

Our Solutions Have Been Used to Package Automotive:

  • Parts
  • Filters
  • Gas cans
  • Fluids
  • Insulation
  • Truck boxes
  • Accessories
  • Care products
  • And More.
L-Bar Sealers and Shrinkwrap Equipment


lbar sealer shrink wrap system


Damark is one of the largest manufacturers of L-Bar Sealers in the world. L-Bar Sealers provide a cost-effective solution for tight, crisply wrapped packages and bundles of nearly any type of product, including irregular-shaped or large, oversized items.

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Semi-Automatic Shrinkwrap & Bundling Equipment


manual bundler and shrink tunnel for shrink wrapping supported products


Our Semi-Automatic or Manual Shrink Bundlers are ideal solutions for line packaging or as stand-alone units when floor space is limited. They efficiently shrink package-supported bundles, randomly grouped items, or single products at moderate to low speeds.

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Automatic Shrinkwrap & Bundling Equipment


automatic bundler and shrink tunnel shrinkwrap system


Our Fully Automatic Shrink Bundlers are available with right angle infeed for unsupported products that require collation or with inline continuous feed for supported products and high-speed bundling.

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Damark Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap & Bundlers can be used to shrinkwrap automotive parts in bundles or with singular products, both supported or unsupported. 


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Emplex Semi-Automatic ACS can be used to package automotive accessories such as foam blocks, and cleaning supplies. Add-ons such as compression belts enable some air removal for soft products.

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Don't See What You Need? 


We work to find solutions that fit your needs. Not seeing the right solution? Try completing our Custom Solution questionnaire to get our recommendation based on your needs.