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Cannabis Packaging Solutions

Cannabis packaging must meet multiple labelling and safety regulations. Plexpack has worked with numerous cannabis packagers in the U.S. and Canada to help them find the right Single Use, Resealable, tamper-evident, child resistant and vacuum sealed solution for their products. Plexpack has proven solutions to keep all your cannabis products fresh, safe and in compliance with regulations and industry standards.

Cannabis Packaging Solutions



Customer Success Story: Carmel Cannabis

Carmel Cannabis came to us wanting a solution to seal bags of their cannabis flower. They needed a solution that would help to keep their product fresh, that would use some level of automation, and that would fit their budget. With Plexpack they found a solution that fit their needs. 

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Modified Atmosphere cannabis pouch sealer

Continuous Band Sealers


vacuum and gas flush sealer


Emplex Vacuum/Gas Flush Sealers create high quality, vacuumed, gas flushed bags that extend shelf life, protect against corrosion, and reduce volume for more compact packages.

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Impulse Sealers


impulse vacuum and gas flush sealer

VacPack Impulse Vacuum/Gas Flush Solutions create perfect modified atmosphere bags. Solutions come in tabletop and floor stand models. All models are washdown capable with stainless steel construction and powerful vacuum, gas flush features.

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Continuous Band Sealers


continuous band bag sealer

Standard Sealers deliver fast, precise, strong seals on bags and stand pouches for a wide range of products. Our signature line of continuous band sealers we have been building for 50 years feature innovative designs that promote simplicity of operation and maintenance. 

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We work to find solutions that fit your needs. Not seeing the right solution? Try completing our Custom Solution questionnaire to get our recommendation based on your needs.