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Coffee is one of our most sold-to industries. With a wide variety of bag sealers to choose from, Plexpack encourages coffee industry buyers to first consider our vacuum gas flush (also known as Modified Atmosphere Packaging or MAP) machines. These are a modified version of our high-output band sealers, the MPS 7100s, and are known as our MPS 7103 VGF. Both these models are hugely popular. However, the VGF is unique because it works by

1. flushing your packaging with a gas, such as nitrogen or CO2
2. vacuuming the air out of the packaging
This removes a great deal of the oxygen, making it difficult for aerobic bacteria (meaning they require oxygen) to grow. Many large-scale retailers also require that coffee producers use VGF/MAP for their packaging.

For smaller producers on a budget, we highly recommend one of our MPS 6100, or Vacpack series bag sealers, which, like the MPS 7100 series sealers, are equipped with a top of the line PC, allowing for greater ease of use. We are also launching a lite version of the VP 2440 in Spring 2019, so stay tuned for new offerings, or ask our reps about how you can acquire one of your own.

For producers who are scaling up, we highly recommend our ABS series of sealers which can automatically fill, gas flush and seal your coffee pouches. If you are not ready for automation at this time, we would instead advise that you review our MPS 7103 and MPS 7503 lines instead.

What Else Might You Want to Know About the MPS 7100 and MPS 7103 Series Machines?

  • Emplex MPS 7100 series industrial band sealers are capable of sealing bags up to 2 pounds in weight (on an 8” wide, 2 ml bag) without the use of a conveyor.
  • They can easily seal bags up to 12 ml in thickness at production rates (6 ml maximum when gusseted).
  • They can be equipped with an optional bag top trimmer, emboss coder, dry ink printer, or ink jet printer.
  • Designed for 24/7 operation, these sealers are suitable for all production environments.
  • They can be assessed for a fully automated packaging line, resulting in a payback of about 1 year

We also carry a great deal of packaging machines for industrial packaging applications. Whether you need to enclose parts for espresso machines, bundle your coffee tins or bottles of cold brew, we have the machine for you. Should you require a packaging application of this kind, please contact one of our packaging professionals for your ideal solution.

All Plexpack coffee product solutions are stainless steel, efficient and easy to maintain with quick changeover and plug and play expandability.

Our Offerings for Coffee

Emplex MPS 7503 Band Sealer

The Emplex MPS 7503 is our high speed, continuous band sealer equipped with a vacuum and/or nitrogen gas flush system and conveyor. The MPS 7503 creates high quality moisture proof, oxygen free packages. It is ideal for customers that require higher capacity output than our impulse vacuum sealer. Typically, customers requiring more than 5 bags a minute find a greater return on investment by choosing a continuous band vacuum sealer. Our satisfied customers include producers of coffee, snacks, pre-baked goods, electronics, medical products, meat, produce and fresh & dried foods.

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VacPack Washdown Vacuum Sealers

Plexpack’s VacPack Series are robust, stainless steel food-grade sealers that create vacuum and gas flushed sealed bags for a wide range of package sizes, including extra wide and heavy products. VacPack vacuum sealers employ an ejector style vacuum pump and produce hermetically sealed packages on any heat sealable bag up to 12 mil/300 micron in thickness (6 mil/150 micron maximum when gusseted).

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Automated Bagging System (ABS Series)

Fully automated economical system opens, fills, weighs, and seals stand up bags. Plexpack’s ABS Series packages up to 15 bags per minute of dry flowable product. The made-to-order, customizable ABS typically provides a full ROI within one year of operation for most customers.

Plexpack’s ABS integrated system provides an ideal all-in-one automated solution for a wide range of food, coffee, confection, grain, and other dry flowable, weigh/count applications.

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