Plexpack / Bag Sealers & Shrink Wrap Machines For Food

Bag Sealers & Shrink Wrap Machines For Food

Trusted Performance

Because not all food products and manufacturing operations are the same, Plexpack flexible packaging solutions are built to fit your unique package, budget, and production requirements. This means you get the best system for your needs today and tomorrow with an ROI and time to production that’s hard to beat.

That’s why food manufacturers and packers around the world rely on Emplex Bag Sealers. The Plexpack team works closely with you to understand your food packing needs to ensure that you receive outstanding package quality, line performance and value. This means delivering high quality machinery that is efficient, fast, reliable and durable, but also hermetically sealed packages that stay fresh, look attractive, and maintain functionality.

Absolute Value

All Plexpack food solutions are stainless steel, efficient, sanitary and easy to maintain systems with quick changeover and plug and play expandability. Standard and custom systems are available depending on your production requirements. Infeed systems precisely handle a wide range of sizes, shapes and delicate products for accurate sealing and product protection. Plexpack systems produce attractive, high performing packaging that fits your budget and needs.

Emplex Bag Sealers include models for nearly any food application from large high production plants to small, niche operations with low volumes. Emplex food bagging systems stand out compared to competitive machines in seal integrity, versatility, safety and performance. Emplex systems allow precise tracking and setting of seal pressure, heat, speed, and band tension. Seal performance is easily monitored through Plexiglas guard. Changeovers, including seal widths are 5 minutes or less. Bagging solutions include continuous band sealers, hot air sealers, validatable sealers, and vacuum sealers.

Damark Shrink Packaging and Bundling solutions are used by leading food manufacturers worldwide to reduce packaging costs and improve food safety, transport and handling, shelf life, tamper evidence, and branding. Damark solutions create attractive, strong mutipacks and individually wrapped items for a wide range of food applications. Semi or fully automatic, intermittent or continuous motion models are available. Damark systems stand out in the industry for performance, high return on investment and creating quality packages. Solutions include L-Bar Sealers, Combo Systems, Tray Wrappers and Bundlers, Full Enclosure Systems, and Shrink Tunnels.

Plexpack systems are easily configured with a variety of options or infeeds, conveyors, and robotic handling systems to achieve the package type, throughput and product handling you require. Some of the more common add ons for food applications include:

  • Gas flush systems to extend shelf life and prevent spoilage
  • Bar code printing, marking and identification systems
  • Reject systems
  • Touchscreen HMI controllers
  • Trimmers
  • Collators and sorters
  • Integrated tray and pad loaders.

If you don’t see your food application or need help finding the right solution for your needs, contact us or use our Bag Sealing or Shrink Packaging Customization Tool.