Plexpack / Semi-Automatic Bag Sealers

Semi-Automatic Bag Sealers

There are two different EMPLEX semi-automatic bag sealers available to meet your packaging needs;

  • The ACS 6200 system is our standard unit.
  • The ACS 7200 system offers a sealer with double the sealing capacity of the ACS 6200 series.

Emplex ACS Series Semi Automatic Band Sealers

Emplex ACS series semi-automatic band sealers are bag sealing systems that are designed for horizontal and angled sealing applications, such as bakery, poultry, paper, and hosiery products. When choosing your system you have the ability to configure it to your specific needs.

Semi-Automatic Bag Sealers

Plexpack offers numerous add-ons and customizable options.

Bag Top Trimmers remove excess material from wicketed bags to create clean packages. The trimmer provides fast, crisp cuts and efficiently transports waste material to garbage or vacuum system.

Emboss Coders, Dry Ink, and Ink Jet Printers provide reliable lot and date coding anywhere on the bag.

Heavy Duty Conveyors provide solutions for automated sealing, high speed production, and handling of products that are heavy or require special orientation. Emplex sealers provide flexible infeeds for easy integration into most material handling and packaging systems.

Emplex Stainless Steel, IP66-Rated Washdown Bag Sealers Plexpack offers stainless steel, IP66 rated washdown capabilities on a full range of Emplex Bag Sealers. An IP66 rating means your Emplex Bag Sealer is “dust tight” and protected against powerful streams of water typically used in washdown procedures. Our washdown bag sealers are ideal solutions for clean-room packaging environments and packagers that require strict cleaning standards. Our stainless steel, IP66-rated bag sealers are trusted worldwide by food, nutratceutical, pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural, and other manufacturers that require frequent cleaning of their packaging equipment.

Payback of about a year? You can be certain of it.

Plexpack also consults on automation solutions for packaging lines. Be sure to contact us for unbeatable ROI that you can be certain of.