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VacPack Powered Head Sealer
New Product: VacPack Powered Head Sealer

February 28, 2022

Introducing the new VacPack Powered Head Vacuum and Gas Flush Sealer

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Sustainable Packaging
What are Bioplastics anyway? Key Terms to Know on Sustainable Packaging

June 10, 2021

Last year, following the actions taken by the EU in 2018, the Canadian government announced a ban on single-use plastics to be put in place by 2022 and set a goal of zero plastic waste by 2030. This means big change for Canada and Canadian business. As more single-use plastic bans come into place and the calls for sustainable practices in plastics- particularly in packaging- grow, there is more and more talk of sustainable alternative packaging materials- or as they are coming to be known, […]

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5 Considerations for Choosing a Packaging Machine for Your Start-Up

May 11, 2021

Choosing the right package and packaging machine has a huge impact on the success of startups. A well-planned packaging strategy will help you deliver a quality product while driving efficiency, controlling costs, and maintaining production flexibility for future growth. Here are 5 key considerations: 1. Package Quality and Visual Appeal Your packaging should be attractive and functional. Certain materials and package types make more sense than others depending on your product shape, size, weight, number of units and sales channels.

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Product Spotlight: Damark Instawrap

April 21, 2021

The Damark Instawrap is our automated, full-enclosure, dual-side sealer shrink wrapping solution. Ideal for numerous applications including corrugate, construction material, automotive parts & accessories, and packaged furniture where high throughput of large products is required. While we have been making this machine for a decade, we are always making improvements to our designs to meet the needs of all our customers. Here’s Paul Irvine to tell you about the benefits and latest updates of the Damark Instawrap: Video Transcript [0:02:14] Hi my name is Paul […]

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Why Control? Plexpack’s Standard PLC/HMI Controller

April 14, 2021

One of the features we are most proud to offer as standard to our customers is our PLC/HMI Controller. Used in every one of our brands, the controller we offer comes with numerous benefits designed to make your production efficient and simple. We have worked closely with B&R over several years to design a program that makes machine operation, maintenance and data tracking simple. By offering this control system as a standard feature throughout our product line, we aim to make its benefits accessible to […]

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Difference between Damark S1 and S2

November 8, 2020

Plexpack has two different types of wrappers that can totally enclose a package : the Damark S1 and S2. Both create high-quality fully enclosed packages without the need for an operator. However, the difference between the two machines lies in how the machine deploys the shrink film for enclosure; this means that the finished product on the S2 will appear slightly different from the S1. The S1 as you might guess, uses a single sheet of film to seal around packages. To ensure the package […]

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Big News for Cannabis?

October 30, 2020

Legalization As the United States prepares for an election, the Cannabis industry looks poised for a few wins. In many states, cannabis-use is legal for adults in either a medical or recreational capacity. The latest news in the cannabis industry is that a few more states might be joining in. According to cannabis industry news, there are a number of states voting by referendum on the ballots this November to legalize marijuana use. Among them are Arizona, New Jersey, and Montana which are voting on […]

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Don’t let poor packaging “blunt” the quality of your cannabis!

July 25, 2018

s some of you reading this might know, Plexpack will be exhibiting at the Cannabis Business Summit and Expo in San Jose on the 26th and 27th. Our impending trip to California had us feeling inspired so we decided to write an updated piece on Cannabis packaging. Here’s all you need to know: Bags & Retail Regulations Across the Board: Most businesses in the cannabis industry use either Single Use bags or Resealable bags for vacuum sealing. Single-use bags are tamper-evident, use food grade compound films to ensure freshness, and most […]

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Bag Sealing Solutions for Pet Food

June 7, 2018

Why you need a good seal: Packaging is one of the most important things for pet-industry manufacturers. Pet owners want to know that the product they are buying is sealed properly so their pet food or treats are as fresh as possible. No one wants to buy a new 50 lb. bag of pet food to find that it has lost its freshness and nutrients. Dogs and cats are less likely to eat food that has lost its flavour due to poor packaging, and when pets don’t eat their food, […]

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Start-up? Space Constraints? The 411 on Tabletop Sealers

May 29, 2017

Many packagers looking for a tabletop bagging solution have learned the hard way that all small sealers are not created equal. The value in choosing a high quality sealer designed specifically for manufacturing usually pays for itself in less than a year. “A common misconception by some start ups and smaller, manual production packagers is that any low cost sealer will do,” says Paul Irvine, Plexpack CEO. “The cost of poor quality seals, slow production, limited replacements parts, or complete equipment failure adds up quickly. We […]

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