Gender Parity at Plexpack

Gender parity refers to the ratio between genders within a specific group: a statistical measure used to demonstrate the division of genders within an institution or for attributes such as education or income. When discussing progress towards gender equality, gender parity indicates the space women hold within our society.


Gender Parity in Packaging

Within the packaging industry and the manufacturing industry in general, positions from skilled trades to executives are traditionally held by men. However, with the help of programs and networks that support women entering these spaces, such as Women in Processing and Packaging Leadership Network (PPWLN), women’s careers in these industries are advancing. In packaging and processing, we now see women holding positions including in skilled trades, engineering, sales, management, and executive positions. While men still make up the majority of the workforce in packaging and manufacturing, women hold more positions than ever before and there has been a visible shift of gender parity within the industry.   


Gender Diversity at Plexpack

At Plexpack, we value diversity within our team. From the very beginnings of our company, we fostered diversity as a core business value. One of our founders and owners, Peter Irvine, held this belief and exhibited it in the way he led the company. Over 30 years later, we have held onto this belief and practice it in all aspects of our company. We build a solid, knowledgeable team with varied experiences and strengths through diversity.   
We are very proud to say that we have achieved gender parity within our organization. Within our management team, 66% of the positions are held by women and within our entire organization, 35% of our team are women. We know this contributes to the success of our company and will contribute to our success and growth in the future.  


A Message on Gender Diversity from Plexpack CEO, Lisa Hunt  

“Plexpack has been motivated throughout its evolution by a core tenet that diversity and equity are key elements to a strong corporate culture and a breadth of perspective that leads to success. Women’s inclusion as important contributors in manufacturing generally and the packaging industry in particular, can be further supported and accelerated through modelling and mentorship at personal and corporate levels. We are proud that Plexpack is one of those examples both to other businesses in our industry as well as to women looking for careers and advancement in our space.”