Plexpack has two different types of wrappers that can totally enclose a package : the Damark S1 and S2. Both create high-quality fully enclosed packages without the need for an operator. However, the difference between the two machines lies in how the machine deploys the shrink film for enclosure; this means that the finished product on the S2 will appear slightly different from the S1.

The S1 as you might guess, uses a single sheet of film to seal around packages. To ensure the package is fully enclosed on all sides, the film is U-folded per the diagram below. The film is then sealed along the package’s side and at either end using a hot knife.


The S2 on the other hand, uses two sheets of film, one underneath the pack, and one over top. The two sheets of film are sealed together by band sealers on either side of the conveyor track. Once the package passes through the side seal sections, a hot knife seals the film together on either end of the package. Unlike the S2, this type of package will have seams around each side of the package. This is more beneficial for applications where the package is particularly heavy or tall.


Whatever the application, Plexpack is confident that our Damark, Emplex, or Vacpack systems will meet your exact needs.

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