MPS 6140 | Table Top Bag Sealer

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The Emplex MPS 6140 delivers precise, strong seals for customers who require high quality bags and pouches in a compact tabletop design. The MPS 6140 is a low maintenance machine with easy access to the seal section, modular components, and standard features not typically found on tabletop sealers.

The MPS 6140 hermetically seals bags and pouches up to 8 oz. (227 gm), depending on bag width and thickness. The sealing head is adjustable to 0, 45 or 90 degrees for optimum packaging efficiency on a wide range of lightweight bagged products. An optional product shelf can be added for horizontal sealing.

The MPS 6140 employs variable pressure sealing bars to accomodate a variety of heat sealable bags up to 12 mil/300micron thick (6 mil/150 micron maximum when gusseted).

Seals are created using Teflon bands which produce strong, clean seals on all heat sealable bags. Emplex’s unique band tensioner allow precise adjustments for consistent, reliable seal integrity on every bag.

The MPS 6140 comes standard with an industrial PC and 5.7” color touchscreen interface that simplifies operation and customization. Integrated recipe management and intuitive user-defined preferences allow fast, repeatable set up for all sealing processes. Settings are available in imperial or metric measurements. The easy-to-use touchscreen provides routine maintenance and troubleshooting data and many user-selectable preferences and management features.

The MPS 6140 is modeled after the industry leading Emplex MPS 6100. Legendary Plexpack quality and performance are built into every component to ensure consistent, precise operation and reliability 24/7.

The sealing section is easily accessed for quick changeover of the sealing bands and allows unrestricted access for routine maintenance.

The MPS 6140 provides durable, proven reliability and user satisfaction.

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MPS 6140 | Table Top Bag Sealer in Action

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