ACS 6200 & 7200 | Semi-Automatic Band Sealing System

Product details

Emplex ACS series semi-automatic band sealers are bag sealing systems that are designed for horizontal and angled sealing applications, such as bakery, poultry, paper, and hosiery products. When choosing your system you have the ability to configure it to your specific needs.

With this Emplex band sealer, you have a choice between the 6200 or the 7200 model. The 6200 uses 5” of heat and 5” of cooling, while the 7200 comes with 10” of heat and 10” of cooling, and is designed for higher speeds or heavier duty operation. Both of these band sealers can be equipped with an optional bag top trimmeremboss coder or ink jet printer.

With multiple conveyor lengths to choose from (starting at 7’ and increasing in 3’ increments) you are able to have multiple loading stations that can be used to achieve the highest production rates possible. The system has been designed to work with manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated loading systems.


Brochure - ACS 6200 & 7200 ACS 6200 & 7200 Semi-Automatic Band Sealers

ACS 6200 & 7200 | Semi-Automatic Band Sealing System in Action

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