MPS 7503 | Vacuum Sealer with Nitrogen Gas Flush and Conveyor

Product details

The Emplex MPS 7503 is our high speed, continuous band sealer equipped with a vacuum and/or nitrogen gas flush system and conveyor. The MPS 7503 creates high quality moisture proof, oxygen free packages. It is ideal for customers that require higher capacity output than our impulse vacuum sealer. Typically, customers requiring more than 5 bags a minute find a greater return on investment by choosing a continuous band vacuum sealer. Our satisfied customers include producers of coffee, snacks, pre-baked goods, electronics, medical products, meat, produce and fresh & dried foods.

The MPS 7503 includes a synchronized conveyor for a more automated system. The conveyor ensures easy, consistent handling and product orientation as bags enter and exit the sealer. The MPS 7503 provides high quality, hermetic seals on all moisture-barrier bag materials and is capable of sealing bags up to 12 mil in thickness or 6 mil maximum when gusseted at required production speeds.

The vacuum and/or nitrogen gas flush system removes oxygen resulting in longer shelf life, product integrity, and protection against discoloration. For snack products, a gas flush only system can create a cushion-like buffer against damage.

All of our MPS 7100 bag sealers are equipped with a PLC and and operator interface. They can also be equipped with an IP-66 washdown electrics, bag top trimmeremboss coder or ink jet printer. Designed for 24/7 operation, these sealers are suitable for all production environments.

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MPS 7503 | Vacuum Sealer with Nitrogen Gas Flush and Conveyor in Action

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