B Series | Semi-Automatic Shrink Bundlers

Product details

The Damark B Series of shrink bundlers, tray wrappers, and sleeve wrappers are semi-automatic models equipped with dead plate infeed tables, twin safety push-button controls, air operated sealing heads and automatic motorized product discharge conveyors.

An operator pushes product across a dead plate and through the film. Once the package is in place the operator activates the packaging cycle by depressing two buttons. A popular optional feature is our manual product pusher kit, which allows you to wrap both supported and unsupported products.

The B Series is offered with three different seal heads to suit your specific application; 24″, 34″, and 44″. All of our wrappers can be matched with our SZ & DZ Shrink Tunnels.

B Series | Semi-Automatic Shrink Bundlers in Action

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