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Sealing in freshness doesn’t have to be a challenge

By | Bag Sealing & Automatic Bagging | September 22nd, 2015 | Comments (1)

The MPS7500 VGF-11

Keeping food products fresh from factory to shelf can sometimes be a challenge. Bags break, oxygen causes food to decompose, changing its taste, color and freshness. The quality of your sealing solutions are crucial to your product’s integrity and future sales. Our new Emplex MPS7500 VGF-11 vacuum gas flush bag sealing system is ideal for food manufacturers who need optimum shelf life.

Emplex MPS7500 VGF-11

The Emplex MPS7500 VGF-11 provides high quality, hermetic seals on all moisture-barrier bag materials. It has two key functions that make it superior for sealing food products’ freshness and extending shelf-life.MPS7500-VGF-vacuum-sealing-system

  1. The machine removes air from the package by sealing the bag with a vacuum sealing system.MPS7500 VGF angle view_RHP7899 tif number 38 hi res
  1. The machine flushes the inside of the bag with nitrogen, virtually stopping the aging process.

The vacuum sealing system and nitrogen gas flush system removes oxygen and creates a low moisture package. It is an ideal solution for food products that need added protection against decomposition. The gas flush system also can be used to create a cushion-like buffer around contents to protect against damage.

All vacuum sealing systems and gas flush processes are easily set up and monitored from a single point with our new touchscreen PLC.

Plexpack strongly encourages food application industries to consider a MPS7500 VGF-11 for their next packaging solution.

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