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Case Study | Medical Devices: Validatable Pouch Packaging

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Read about how a large multi-national medical devices production company received their ROI in less than 1 year.

Customer Challenge

Medical device company needed a validatable pouch sealing system to package their products before they went through gamma radiation sterilization. Their existing system did not produce validatable seals. It was too slow and inefficient with long sterilization times, high scrap rates and cumbersome operation. The system also created a larger bag than necessary, resulting in high end-of-line packaging and transportation costs.

About the Customer

The customer is a large multi-national producer of medical devices with an excellent reputation. Demand for the customer’s products is high and continues to grow.


Plexpack provided an Emplex ACS7300 Validatable Bag and Pouch Sealer. The ACS7300 is Plexpack’s medical grade continuous band sealer suitable for clean rooms. It produces validatable seals at speeds greater than 1,000 per minute. The ACS 7300 was equipped with a flexible product compression belt that reduced the size of the bag by removing the bag’s ambient air without harming the product.


The customer received a ROI in less than 12 months. Validatable seal information was downloaded live to the manufacturer’s production system for real-time monitoring. Product throughput increased and labor costs significantly lowered. Over 33% more product was able to be placed in the same size corrugated case. Pallet cube use increased more than 30%. Sterilization times, scrap rates, and customer returns decreased.

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