Plexpack / Emplex Integrated Systems

Emplex Integrated Systems

Emplex bag sealers provide flexible infeeds and a modular design for easy integration into any packaging line. Plexpack partners with other packaging equipment manufacturers to create high performance bag and pouch integrated systems for special applications.

A few of these include:

bag sealers Robotic Loading Handling

Robotic Loading and Handling

Emplex bag sealers are paired with robotic material handling systems to create high speed continuous bag sealing systems. Robotic loading systems provide fast, consistent product placement which increases speed, and allows easier sealing of thicker bags. Single or multiple robots can be used to reach desired output. Two robot systems typically produce throughput of more than 90 packages a minute. Robotic systems come with an easy to use HMI PLC for repeatable control of speed, sealing temperature, and parameters for using different bag types or packaging a wide range of products on the same line.


bag sealer print reject Print/Reject Systems

Emplex validatable sealers frequently incorporate integrated bag marking, coding and verification systems. These systems mark the bags then verify that all codes, labels and marks are readable before sealing. If the code is unreadable the Emplex system drops the unsealed bag into a reject receptacle. Integrated validatable sealers and print reject systems are equipped with an easy to use HMI PLC for consistent control of speed, sealing temperature, and verification parameters.


Weigh Scale Systems

Fresh food, meat, poultry, hardware, and parts packagers frequently pair Emplex bag sealers with weigh scales and counters to create an automated, high production system that saves floor space, improves package accuracy and increases production speed.

We build many custom integrated systems for a wide range applications, contact us to learn more.