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Embosser | Emboss Coder for Bags

Product details

Our ER60 embosser can be added to all of our Emplex MPS and ACS series bag sealers. The embosser sits on the exit end of the bag sealer and the emboss is made after the bag has been sealed. A micro switch triggers one revolution of the embossing wheel and your code is placed anywhere in or above the seal area (this is adjustable at time of set up). An optional photo eye is available to trigger the embosser when products are light weight.

The standard embosser wheel holds 8 standard characters in a single line or 13 slim characters in a standard line (the font is the same, but the spacing is compressed when using the slim type). An optional double line emboss wheel is available. Changing your type over takes less than two minutes. The embosser requires that individual pieces of type be purchased. The embosser does not come with type.

Embosser | Emboss Coder for Bags in Action