Plexpack - MX / Selladoras de mesa

Selladoras de mesa

There is one type of EMPLEX band sealer available to meet your productions needs:

  • MPS 6340 Table Top Validatable Sealers for products weighing up to 8 ounces in weight.

About The MPS Sealer

These constant load, variable speed machines operate with PID autotune digital temperature controllers and variable pressure sealing bars. Seals are created using economical Teflon bands, which produce consistent, hermetic seals on all heat sealable bags. The height of the sealer is easily adjusted up and down in the vertical plane, for different bag heights. They have been designed so that you can access the sealing section instantaneously and without tools. The main purpose of this is for the quick changeover of the Teflon® sealing bands, though there is the added advantage of unrestricted access to the sealing section for routine maintenance. With Emplex’s unique band tensioner, you are given the ability to track and tension the Teflon® sealing bands with finite precision.


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