Plexpack / The Emplex Advantage

The Emplex Advantage

Seal Integrity. All Emplex Bag Sealers provide consistent, strong hermetic seals. Your products remain pure, fresh and secure as the day they went in their package. We offer validatable solutions and options for vacuum sealing and gas flush for added product protection and freshness.

Plug and Play. Our modular design means Emplex bag sealers are easy to install and upgrade as your needs change and business grows. We offer Emplex sealers that fit packaging environments of nearly any size from small, manual operations with limited floor space to high speed, multi-product semi-automatic and automatic packaging lines. Modular design also ensures quick turn around from the time you order to the day you start production with your new sealer.

Safe, Easy Operation. Plexpack leads the industry in offering safe, easy-to-use and maintain bag sealers. Intuitive design and toolless access to the sealing section ensure rapid changeover and easy maintenance. Plexiglas guards allow safe monitoring of seal operation. All machines are tested to ANSI B-144 and CE marking standards. All parts are UL/CSA approved.

Proven Reliability. More than 5,000 customers worldwide use our sealers to package food, medical devices, nutraceuticals, electronics, industrial and consumer goods. Our sealers provide high performance 24/7 service in nearly any production environment from food safe, clean rooms to extreme industrial environments.

Real Packaging Value. We offer a comprehensive line of standard and customizable, made-to-order bag and pouch sealing solutions that fit your unique budget and requirements.


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