It has been two years since covid first gripped the global community- two years of uncertainty, and vast, quick changes. During this time we have all had to adapt and change the way we do things from remote work to stringent workplace safety policies.  

While it has been a trying time for many we are pleased to say that, as an essential business, Plexpack remained open throughout.  

At the start of the pandemic, we were proud to say we successfully pivoted to accommodate changes in our work and production facility while increasing outputs to support our customers. Our machines are used in facilities around the world that play essential roles in the safety and care of our communities. Turning out equipment and providing service and support to keep them performing for our customers was our top priority. With tremendous dedication, our team worked to successfully meet those needs.  

Two years on we are proud to still be successfully managing changes as they come while keeping our employees and greater community safe.  

Our team is currently 100% fully vaccinated, and continues to work under modified conditions according to the current safety guidelines.  

As we navigate the shifting tides from pandemic to endemic and the resulting social and economic realities, we are steady in our support for our customers and partners.