Custom Size L Bar Sealing Systems

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Damark is one of the largest manufacturers of custom-size L-Bar Sealers in North America. Leading companies worldwide depend on Damark standard, and custom L-Bar Sealers for cost-effective, beautifully wrapped and consistently sealed packages.

Damark L-Bar sealers affordably shrinkwrap products by simultaneously forming side and end seals on continuously fed, center-folded film. Combined with a shrink tunnel, L-Bar Sealers provide a cost-effective solution for tight, crisply wrapped packages and bundles of nearly any type of product, including irregular shaped or large, oversized items.

All Damark L-Bar sealers provide precise adjustments for conveyor speed, dwell time, and seal temperature. Manual and semiautomatic systems provide ergonomic adjustments for simple, safe product loading, and quick changeover. Automatic systems provide flexible infeeds and adjustments for integration into nearly any packaging operation.

Plexpack manufactures Damark L-Bar Sealers with seal widths up to an incredible 50” (127 cm), and seal lengths up to an amazing 110” (279.4 cm). All controls are conveniently located on the front of the machine and include adjustments for conveyor speed, conveyor run time, dwell time and sealing temperature.

Damark L-Bar Sealers offer industry leading standard features, and competitive models that fit the budget and production demands of nearly any size packaging operation. Damark L-Bar Sealers are available in Stainless Steel or painted construction and left to right or right to left orientation. Power Film Unwind (PFU) and pneumatic seal bar systems are available options for increased production and automation. PFU systems come standard on many custom L-Bar Sealers, and are equipped with an adjustable inverting head for improved handling of large or awkward products.

The most commonly used Shrink Tunnels with this model L Bar Sealer are our SZ and DZ models.


Custom Size L Bar Sealing Systems in Action

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