Damark S2 | Full Enclosure Shrink Wrapper

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The S2 is a truly unique full enclosure Damark shrink wrapper designed to wrap products such as windows, doors, corrugated bundles (pizza boxes, egg cartons), lumber, knockdown furniture, flooring, and shelving. At its most basic level, the S2 combines the best qualities of a side sealer and a sleeve wrapper to offer you a new solution to your packaging needs.

It’s a Sleeve Wrapper. Because the machine uses two rolls of flat film, there is no need for a power film unwind system with an inverting head. By eliminating that feature, we are able to reduce the length of the machine when compared to similar side sealers. Also, by eliminating the PFU, we eliminate the need to thread the film through an inverting head – a tricky task for even the most experienced technician. By using 2 rolls of flat film, compared to one center folded roll, the machine will run twice as long before the film needs to be changed. Finally, when running large products on the machine, there is less film to thread which makes the job that much easier. By using the sleeve wrapper conveyor design we are able to handle transitions of substantially heavier weights (up 100 lbs. on the continuous motion machine, 300 lbs. on intermittent motion model) and always offer smooth product transitions.

It’s a Side Sealer. When trying to produce fully enclosed shrunk wrap packages with sleeve wrappers, film control has always been an issue. The S2 offers constant, positive handling of the film during the entire sealing cycle. Furthermore, the scrap is handled in the same fashion.

It’s something new. The S2 allows you to produce fully enclosed, shrunk wrap products in a way never done before. Please visit our website to see videos of this machine in operation to see the difference this machine makes.

The Damark S2 uses two rolls of flat film, which eliminates the need for an inverting head and power film unwind system. This improves film tracking and efficiency, particularly at high speeds or with thicker materials. It also reduces waste and makes loading easier. Film remains inline throughout the entire system from film unwind to the cross seal, which minimizes film tracking issues common on many side sealers. The S2 produces strong, attractive seals on any heat sealable PVC, polyolefin, polyethylene, laminated film or foil, or poly-lined paper.

Conveyors, modeled after Plexpack sleeve wrappers, provide improved transition and handling of long or heavy products and contribute to the compact footprint. Products can be randomly spaced during handling, wrapping, and sealing for packaging loose items, samples, line cards, or unique applications.

With its large product capabilities, standard stainless steel construction and touchscreen PLC, the S2 is the ideal solution for packaging boxes, food trays, egg trays, books, furniture, windows, flooring, automotive parts, among other products.

Durable Damark systems provide years of 24/7 service and meet or exceed industry standards for quality and safety. Plexpack provides strong aftermarket support to ensure high value and performance for the life of your machinery investment.

Damark S2 | Full Enclosure Shrink Wrapper in Action

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