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Start-up? Space Constraints? The 411 on Tabletop Sealers

By | Bag Sealing & Automatic Bagging, News | May 29th, 2017 | Comments (0)

Many packagers looking for a tabletop bagging solution have learned the hard way that all small sealers are not created equal. The value in choosing a high quality sealer designed specifically for manufacturing usually pays for itself in less than a year.

“A common misconception by some start ups and smaller, manual production packagers is that any low cost sealer will do,” says Paul Irvine, Plexpack CEO. “The cost of poor quality seals, slow production, limited replacements parts, or complete equipment failure adds up quickly. We get a lot of calls from people a few months after they bought a cheap import, a household sealer, or the wrong type of industrial sealer… They almost always call back after buying one of our tabletop models saying I should have started with you first.”

Plexpack manufactures four tabletop Emplex bag sealers—the standard MPS 6140, our vacuum, gas flush capable and VacPack, and the handheld MPS Lite. 

Vacpack is a entry-to-mid level, vacuum-gas flush bag sealer. It is a jaw-style sealer, constructed in stainless steel and is welded for reliable, IP65 grade performance with the ability to upgrade to IP69 as requested. Vacpack will be on display at East Pack… for a sneak peak click here.

The MPS 6140 is based on the industry leading MPS 6100 bag sealer and delivers strong hermetic seals on nearly any heat sealable soft, high density, ecological, or specialty film. The MPS 6140 is scalable, which makes it an ideal, cost-effective sealer for packagers who may eventually need to increase production or upgrade their capabilities. The MPS 6140 is suitable for all production environments and most applications, including food, medical, pharmaceutical, consumer and industrial goods. The MPS 6140 provides safe protection from heating elements and is easy to use and maintain. It can be fed from the right or left for flexible set up and has a unique Teflon band tensioner and tool-less access to the seal section for easy adjustment or replacement.

The MPS Lite is portable, handheld continuous band sealer that can also be used as a low production, tabletop sealer. It can be used for sealing long pieces of material or large, stand alone objects. The stainless steel MPS Lite is ideally suited for warehouses, material handling, military, or any production environment requiring a completely portable bag sealer. The MPS Lite employs variable temperature and pressure with fixed speed to seal most heat sealable bags. Seals are created using economical etched Teflon coated fiberglass bands to produce clean, quality seals. A standard tabletop stand is included with the unit for operator comfort.

Important Considerations For Choosing Your Next Bag Sealer

Seal Quality
Will your sealer be able to reliably package your product? Many inferior bag sealers are limited in what materials they can seal and how long it takes to complete the package. This is particularly important for thicker, high density or specialty films. Poor seals consistently result in lost merchandise. Long sealing times slow production and stress heating elements and other parts. Also consider the size and weight of your product and whether the model you choose can reliably handle the requirements.

Sealer Lifespan and Total Cost of Ownership
While the purchase price may be your first consideration, evaluating the total cost of ownership will provide you a better picture of the bag sealer’s value to your business. Total cost of ownership includes additional items, such as replacement parts, maintenance, production speed and downtime, product waste, energy consumption, customer support, manuals and training, ease-of-use, and delivery speed. High quality bag sealing systems can remain in service for many years with only routine maintenance.

Long sealing times slow production and stress heating elements and other parts. Cheaper sealers are notorious for breaking down and stalled production. Be sure you’ve evaluated all of the above before making a purchase.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging? Validatable? IP66? All of the above?
Be certain that the solution you choose fits your product and your production environment. Is your product susceptible to damage or decay? For example food and pharmaceuticals have different requirements than plastic parts or hardware. You may require bags that are resistant to punctures, UV light, oxygen or moisture.  You may want to upgrade to modified atmosphere or validatable packaging. Not all sealers work effectively in temperature extremes, humidity, or dusty environments.  You may require an IP66 wash down sealer or a hot air sealer that works more effectively in dusty conditions.

Production Volume and Ease of Operation
Consider the speed of your packaging operation. Can your sealer complete the number of packages at the speed you need? Do you need to move your sealer frequently? What direction does it need to be loaded? How much space is needed?

Experienced bag sealer manufacturers, such as Plexpack, have options for nearly any packaging application and a team that can help you find he ideal solution for your needs.

Choose the right Bag Sealer manufacturer
Check the reputation of your supplier. Does it stand behind its products? Are replacement parts easily available at a good price? Has it been in the business for a long time? Does it do business with other customers with your application?  Are customers happy with their bag sealers? Is sales and support staff qualified and available to help when needed? Can you get a made-to-order or customized solution to meet your unique requirements?

Reputable bag sealer manufacturers will be willing to work with you to ensure you have the right equipment to fit your needs at a cost that fits your budget.