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Full enclosure vs. bulls-eye bundling: Which one do you need?

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Full enclosure shrink wrapper? Bulls-eye bundling? What’s the difference?

full enclosure shrink wrapper vs. bulls eye bundling

Plexpack’s packaging solutions experts are here to help…

What is a full enclosure shrink wrapper solution?

Full enclosure sealing is when a product’s entire surface area needs to be covered in film. It’s commonly used for:

  • Cosmetics
  • Frozen foods
  • Large industrial products like windows and doors

What film do you need for a full enclosure shrink wrapper?

There are three film types to choose from when considering your full enclosure shrink wrapper solution.


  • Typically 1.0 – 2.0 mil thick, but can be up to 4.0 – 5.0 mil thick for very heavy and/or abrasive products that experience a rugged distribution environment.
  • Provides a good moisture barrier, but very poor oxygen barrier.
  • We especially recommend this type of film for large, industrial products.


  • It has superior clarity and is used where appearance is critical, as with film and food applications.
  • This film is more expensive than polyethylene because of its aesthetic quality.


  • Its clarity is comparable to Polyolefin.
  • We recommend this film for food and cosmetic applications.
  • This is a cheaper option than Polyolefin.

What is a bulls-eye bundling packaging solution?

Bulls-eye bundling is designed for wrapping more than one product in a single seal. It is typically used for the following.

Beverage applications such as:

  • Trays of water bottles
  • Trays of beer/cider

Coffee applications where tins must be sealed in trays for distribution

It consumes less film than full enclosure sealing and allows for greater airflow to the product.

What film do we recommend for bulls-eye bundling?

At Plexpack, we typically recommend 2.0 to 4.0 polyethylene.

When finding a shrink packaging solution, be sure to consider the type of film, what the environment percentage of humidity is and what size package you will be bundling.

So, do you need a full enclosure shrink wrapper or would you prefer a bulls-eye bundling solution?

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