Snacks & nuts

The Snack industry is a keystone in the Plexpack portfolio of industries served. With over 40 years of experience, Plexpack can deliver top of the line packaging solutions for your snack food business. Whether it’s a nitrogen flush and seal machine for trail mix bags or a shrink tunnel for secondary packaging on containers of candy, Plexpack has the solution for you.

For Snacks that Spoil We Recommend: the MPS7103-VGF & VacPack


The Emplex MPS 7103 is a high speed, continuous band sealer equipped with a vacuum and nitrogen gas flush system for creating high-quality moisture proof, oxygen-reduced packages. It is ideal for customers that require higher capacity output than our impulse vacuum sealers. Typically, customers requiring more than 15 bags a minute find a greater return on investment by choosing a continuous band vacuum sealer. Our satisfied customers include producers of coffee, snacks, pre-baked goods, electronics, medical products, and fresh or dried food, produce and meat.

Plexpack’s VacPack Series are robust, stainless steel food grade sealers that create vacuum and gas flushed sealed bags for a wide range of package sizes, including extra wide and heavy products. VacPack vacuum sealers employ an ejector style vacuum pump and produce hermetically sealed packages on any heat sealable bag up to 12 mil/300 micron in thickness (6 mil/150 micron maximum when gusseted). The VacPack Series includes the VP2400, VP3000, and VP3600 floor stand models Tabletop models – VP2440, VP3040 and VP3640 are also available. All models include the same washdown, vacuum, gas flush capabilities.

The vacuum and nitrogen gas flush system removes oxygen and creates a moisture-free package, resulting in longer shelf life, product integrity, and protection against discolouration. For snack products a gas flush only system can create a cushion-like buffer against damage.

For Snack Producers Scaling Up We Recommend Automation:

While Automated Bagging has a great payback time, the initial investment is costly. We recommend that midsize to large businesses consider this as a solution for their packaging line. Other factors to consider when choosing an automated packaging solution would be space in your facility and the quality of the machine.

We highly recommend automated bagging to the following industries as we’ve noticed an increase in demand and ROI in production and ownership costs:

  • coffee
  • candies
  • grains and nuts

An Automated Bagger is a robotically operated system which places bags into a filling station, opens the bag, fills the bag with a measured amount of product, places the bag on a conveyor for further processing and/or sealing. Some automated baggers also include a bag-forming module causing the solution to become a “fill, form and seal” packaging solution. In layman’s terms: it is a robotically operated all-in-one packaging solution.