Damark Tray Wrappers & Sleeve Wrappers | B-180 Series

Tray Wrappers & Sleeve Wrappers | B-180 Series

The Damark B-180 Series of tray wrappers and sleeve wrappers are fully automatic, in-line systems with roller/belt infeed conveyors, photo-cell product sensing, automatically operating pneumatic sealing heads, and motorized product discharge conveyors. They range in size from our smallest unit, which comes with a 24” wide seal head, to our largest unit, which comes with a 74” wide seal head. This range of sizes allows us to offer you the perfect size machine to suit your applications needs. All of our wrappers can be matched with our SZ & DZ Shrink Tunnels.

Popular applications include; trays of cans, bottles, and industrial products, newspapers, appliances, stacks of rubber mats, boxed candy, pizza boxes, egg cartons, bundles of gas cans, wine kits, insulation, knock down furniture, to name a few.

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Popular machine options include; product upstacking, broken seal alarm, increased seal open for tall products, low film indicator, inline product pushers, and extended infeed & discharge conveyors (see photo below).