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Opening Up a Rotten Package to Find a Rotten Product is Just that; Rotten.

  A biological explanation of why food rots and how you can use MAP to prevent it.   Why Products Rot…  Food decomposition is dependent on three factors:   1. Decomposers: “Decomposers” are microscopic bacteria that are about 1/3 the width of your hair. They are airborne and are perpetually surround us [i]. The decomposers found in and on food are commonly aerobes, which mean they need oxygen/air to grow. Decomposers land on food or other products such as wood, and immediately start breaking down the organic matter […]

Case Study | Where Small Business Meets Solutions

By Maria Casanova | Case Studies | April 13th, 2016 | Comments (0)
band sealer
More and more, small businesses are competing with larger companies. In order to keep up with big businesses, small and medium-sized manufacturers are upgrading their equipment to fill larger-volume orders from major distributors. However, the journey to the right equipment is not always easy. To read more about this case study, continue reading.

Case Study | Coffee Packaging: Vacuum Sealer with Conveyor

vacuum sealing system
Customer Challenge Coffee Express needed to package a large volume of ground and whole been coffee while maintaining superior freshness and bag quality. Their bag sealing machine was slow, inefficient to use and did not provide product freshness or seal integrity. The customer needed a flexible vacuum sealing system that was easy to changeover and produced consistent results. To find out how Plexpack’s Emplex packaging solution helped Coffee Express become more efficient and guarantee quality freshness, read the Plexpack EMPLEX Case Study on Coffee. Learn more […]

Case Study | Hard Cider Bundled Cans: Semi-Automatic Shrink Sleeve Bundler

damark shrink wrap systems
Puddicombe, a manufacturer of cider, expanding its market, needed to bundle their new canned products according to specific Canadian liquor board regulations. If their package did not meet exact specifications, the liquor board would deny their product. Requirements included specific guidelines for quality of shrink wrap seals, placement, bundle tightness, seams, and package appearance.

Case Study | Meat Packaging: Continuous Band Sealer w/ Conveyor

continuous band sealer
Read about how a producer of custom meat products eliminated seal failures, increased product throughput and significantly decreased labor costs. Learn more about the MPS 6500 Continuous Band Sealer with conveyor, explore our other Bag Sealing & Automatic Bagging solutions or customize your Bag Sealing Solution now.

Case Study | Frozen Meat Pies: Individual shrink wrapped products

shrink wrappers food frozen
Read about how a small town bakery with a rapidly expanding market reduced a full day of packaging down to 4 hours. Learn more about the MP 2 complete shrink packaging system, explore our other Damark Shrink Wrapping solutions or customize your Shrink Wrapping Solution now.

Case Study | Frozen Cookie Dough: Reclosable Stand-Up Pouches

bag sealers food frozen cookie dough case study
Read about how a small, niche producer of bakery items increased production by 45%. Learn more about the MPS6100 Continuous Bag Sealer, explore our other Bag Sealing & Automatic Bagging solutions or customize your Bag Sealing Solution now.

Case Study | Medical Devices: Validatable Pouch Packaging

bag sealers medical devices case study
Read about how a large multi-national medical devices production company received their ROI in less than 1 year. Learn more about the ACS7300 Validatable Bag and Pouch Sealer, explore our other Bag Sealing & Automatic Bagging solutions or customize your Bag Sealing Solution now.